Lord design

For cleaner code.

Coding standards, best practices, negative code, refactoring, maintaining the upgrade chain.
Let Lord design help you stay on the cutting edge of the field of standards-based web applications.


I am a senior software developer with 14 years experience in web development, half in the corporate world and half freelance. This gives me a unique perspective into practices and methodologies and all stages of the software development life cycle, from mockups to design to database normalization, and everything in-between.


We don't code in a vacuum. With modern version control systems and services like GitHub, we often serve clients as part of teams that may be scattered around the world or scattered through time. Clean code is important when working with teams as it makes it easier for others to come up to speed on a project.


I'm always looking for ways to sharpen my skills, and whenever I find ways to improve my process or make my code cleaner, I strive to apply what I've learned right away.